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Women of Westminster Cathedral featured in BBC4 Documentary
Tell us what you think of the BBC TV series 'Catholics'

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Very disappointed, not to say angry at the way this programme portrays Catholics.The only interesting people were those who had suffered from the Institutional Church's inhumanity !! And I as a Catholic am not obsessed by Mary or relics etc....Were was the Gospel? Where were the Catholics dedicating their lives to the fight against injustice,often paying the ultimate price ! .....Too cosy, too much numbrilism ....Too outdated....We need to move on...Songs of Praise is more relevant, really !!
Added date: 12/03/2012 22:46:17
Sean Simpson, Manchester
The Priest's episode was like a Gentlemen;s club. Whythe subjest Women's Ethics aren't men the same? Why no female lecturer if it had to female only?The short spiel on Logic was not as titled. The Children's chapter was beautiful and a credit to Catholic teaching. I have yet to view 'Women' on the bbc iplayer
Added date: 11/03/2012 13:16:17
catherine Long, Finchley
The two programmes I have seen are an excellent portrait of the church. The very passive interviewing style ensures the players speak most of the message and although there was some slightly biased cutting in the first programme I did not notice that in the second which gave some very clear messages about the Eucharist. I am sorry the other two comments are negative. I think it is excellent to have the BBC give the church such exposure. I hope it leads to more programmes.
Added date: 04/03/2012 12:31:28
BEC, London
I think we were all quite disappointed in this programme as it really gave little idea of what the life of a seminarian is like. It was very bitty and disjointed and somehow just did not hang together. The point of the programme, if there was one, was well hidden.
Added date: 02/03/2012 10:59:12
Mary Grasar, Pinner, Middx
A disappointing and fragmented and scrappy look at seminary life. Very impressd by the seminarian who shared some of his life story - I hope he becomes a priest.
Added date: 28/02/2012 11:14:35
John, London
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