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A Guide to Central London Churches
What is your favourite church to visit when you are out and about in Central London?

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The recent publication of a sheet/brochure giving the names and addresses and Mass times of 12 churches in the diocese of Westminster is a welcome start to what could and should be the dissemination of this sort of information across and between all dioceses in the UK. Alas it is not available on the internet and we have to ask for it! A map of the UK showing all the dioceses and then a link to all the churches in their parishes would be wonderful. We should then all be able to do the commuting and frequent travelling that is part of modern daily life in the happy knowledge of where we can go for Mass en route or at our journey's end. If help is needed in putting together such a vital resource I am willing to do what I can - eg type!
Added date: 03/09/2012 18:05:26
Mrs Patricia Brennan, Kensington, London
why not have an iphone app to allow us to find the churches? It's 2012 after all?
Added date: 08/08/2012 17:01:05
Gemma, Brernt
I like the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption and St. Gregory In Warwick Street,just off Regent Street. It is a little haven of peace in the bustling city.
Added date: 31/03/2012 20:49:57
sheila , middlesx
Please could the next edition include churches in the City for all of us who work here and want to get to Mass during the week!
Added date: 01/09/2011 10:06:17
Veronica Fulton, City
my first favourite church is Westminster Cathedral. the 5.30pm Mass with the Choir is a great inspiration and quite unique in this country.At all times of the day, it is an oasis for personal prayer and refreshing silence,so welcome after the unavoidable noise of our great capital city.The Sacred Heart chapel is very devotional with its large prie-dieux and close view of the Tabernacle.. Also well worth a visit is English Martyrs Tower Hill E1. the same peace prevails here. I was married there in !984 and our eldest daughter was baptised there. I often prayed before the statue of St Therese in this church and had prayers is always a joy to return to my home town and thank God I still have the health to do it. I also thank God that the Bishops Conference has restored Friday Abstinence in commemoration of our Holy Father Pope Benedict's visit to our country.
Added date: 31/08/2011 17:55:22
Mrs Caroline Cullen, East Village Devon
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