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Archbishop Vincent Nichols - Pastoral Letter 19 - 20 September 2009
How do you make prayer part of your daily life?

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My interpretation of prayer is talking/chatting to Jesus. I talk to him, question him as I would a friend. He is part of all my decision making processes, be them petty or serious. Besides my normal chatting, I say my formal Divine Mercy at 15:00 hours, Rosary, prayers for the deceased and daily mass, when there is one.This message is in response to prayer related question. The most important element to include is that I am a born again Catholic. 6 months ago I did not bother to say my rosary - I always had an excuse, I attended Mass only when it was convenient. I hardly believed. My life changed when a stranger handed me a picture of Divine Mercy. You will consider me crazy if I told you the detail how it changed my life. I now actively promote DM!! Yeah, Jesus is smiling!!
Added date: 23/09/2009 16:15:53
Stella H Howell, Wokingham
Being new in UK and London, I use a lot the tube. I see hundreds and hundreds of people running everywhere and I think: how can I see God in the face and life of these people all of them children of the same Father? While thinking this I sense the presence of God and whenever I can I try to smile at those who pass by me.
Added date: 18/09/2009 17:16:41
Father Gianni Carparelli, Ponder end Italian Catholic Mission
There are 24 hours in the day - finding a few minutes to pray is not that hard!
Added date: 18/09/2009 11:06:52
Jack, Wembley
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