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Are you a Fair Trade Parish?
Why is Fair Trade important for Catholics? If you a Fair Trade Parish or supporter, how would you convince others to take up the cause?

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'Fair Trade' is questionable. How fair? For who? What is the process of the logos. What is the cost of Certification - to who? What if one could not afford the logo and/or certification? Would the parish equally promote products without the logo? What are the motives. These are questionable. Honesty is the best policy. This is without prejudice.
Added date: 24/09/2009 02:20:46
Stella H Howell, Wokingham
Theres a prejudice against Fair Trade goods in some quarters even amongst Catholics. There seem to be 2 types of charitable givers, those who prefer to give a hand up and those who prefer to give handouts. The latter argue very logically against Fair Trade on the grounds of market economy and/or taste. Judging by peoples comments at tastings, theres a perception that the goods are produced in the third world in unhygienic conditions without quality control, whereas if they read the labels they would see that, although the ingredients and raw goods may come from small poor farmers, the final product comes from the same factory as regular foodstuffs a lot of Fair Trade chocolate, for example, is made in Switzerland alongside the worlds finest luxury brands. But how to get the message across?
Added date: 18/10/2007 14:06:50
Catherine, Pimlico
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