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Marriage and Family Life Resources Archive

MARRIAGE PREPARATION COURSES in the Diocese of Westminster and related information

MARRIAGE PREPARATION COURSES for ENGAGED COUPLES and other useful information for couples hoping to get married in the Catholic Church.  Go to our new webpage for latest information   http://rcdow.org.uk/diocese/marriage-and-family-life/resources/ 


12 May 2014

I Am With You - scripture reflections for couples

The I Am With You Year A & I Am With You Box-Set Resource of Scripture reflections for couples incorporating the Churchs liturgical Years A, B & C, enhances listening to God and one another, through reflecting weekly on the Mass readings.

02 October 2013

Engage - a resource enabling parishes to present marriage preparation courses

Engage is a resource designed to make it easy for parishes to provide their own Catholic marriage preparation courses, using their own parishioners as facilitators - no prior teaching experience is required. 

04 January 2013

Theology of the Body - downloadable talks

Download a variety of video and audio presentations from some of the worlds best scholars and enthusiasts gathered at St Mary's University College, Twickenham in 2011 to deepen and broaden the understanding of Theology of the Body by exploring a wide range of themes within it.

19 July 2012

CTS Books: Marriage & Family

CTS books offer positive presentations of the Churchs teaching on sexuality and love, answering questions and giving guidance for the daily challenges of family life. 

02 July 2012

Natural Family Planning - successful, enrivonmentally-safe ways to avoid or achieve pregnancy

Natural family planning can help couples avoid or achieve pregnancy.  81 million couples worldwide use Natural Family Planning methods.  The methods are easy to learn and approved by WHO (World Health Organisation).  98% of users wishing to avoid pregnancy are successful.  Natural Family Planning can help 1/3 of sub-fertile couples to conceive.  There are no harmful side effects, the methods are embryo-friendly and result in fewer divorces.  There are a variety of organisations that offer advice to couples and training for teachers of NFP.

02 July 2012


This section includes a frequently updated list of Catholic organisations and sources of support and advice on a wide range of issues concerned with Marriage and Family Life, especially those connected with practising and passing on the faith within the family.  It also includes the Vatican document CHARTER of the Rights of the Family for you to view or download.

19 June 2012

Family Catechism - Inter-Active and OnLine

This  invaluable resource for everyone from the casual seeker to the most avid researcher is free and made available by The Apostolate for Family Consecration. 

13 June 2010

Family: an adventure in love

Home is a Holy Place aims to develop greater awareness of Christian marriage and family life. 

28 March 2007

What Is Life Like?

A series of leaflets to assist parishes to become more welcoming, friendly and family-sensitive, produced by Everybody's Welcome - the Marriage and Family Life Project.

28 November 2006


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