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Engage - a resource enabling parishes to present marriage preparation courses

posted on 04 January 2013

Engage offers an easy way for parishes to provide their own marriage preparation courses using their own parishioners as facilitators.  Whether the course is presented by married couple mentors or an individual or team, no prior teaching experience is required.  The comprehensive Leaders manual and six-session DVD ensures that the course is presented consistently and with high standards.

Engage is flexibleit can be used in couple-to-couple mentoring, small home-based groups or with large groups in a parish setting.  The links below give information on where to get the resource in the Diocese of Westminster and how much it costs; the Engage course website which explains the syllabus content and topics; and a video showing the course in use by the Ealing Abbey marriage preparation team (click the arrow to start the video).

2013 update:  Engage has recently been rebranded as SmartLoving Engaged, in keeping with all the resources and initiatives of the SmartLoving parent organisation.  Prices and content remain the same so we are still supplying the original packs until stocks are exhausted.

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posted on 04 January 2013

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