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Support the Real Easter Egg 2012 Campaign

posted on 24 February 2012

The Real Easter Egg is the first and only Fairtrade Easter egg to explain the Easter story on the box and give money to charity. It was launched last year as a mail order gift after the supermarkets turned it down. Churches and schools joined a campaign to establish the egg by placing orders through mail order for many for hundreds of eggs at a time.

Morrisons, Booths, Coop and Waitrose later changed their mind and decided to trial The Real Easter Egg just before Easter 2011. They all sold out within days with people walking past Cadburys two-for-one offers. Waitrose was inundated with online orders for hundreds of eggs as millions of Christians searched for the only remaining supplies.

Christians will struggle to find anything connecting Jesus with the major Festival of Easter on the supermarket shelves. Out of the 80 million Easter eggs on sale this year 99.99% will be secular made from non Fairtrade chocolate and with no charitable donation.

The Real Easter Egg is breaking new ground this year and has had a make-over with brighter colours. The Easter story on the outside of the box is a colourful visual and there are three crosses on the front. For the first time ever on an Easter Egg there is a Bible quote under the lid and a free copy of the Easer story included inside every box. These new features make the egg even more attractive. 

The recommended retail price is 3.99. The Real Easter Egg is made from 125g of high quality Fairtrade chocolate and 15 pence from every sale is donated to Traidcraft Exchange.

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posted on 24 February 2012

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