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Answers to the Big Questions

posted on 05 March 2009

The first in the Faith Matters series of four evening lectures was held on 10th March 2009 in Westminster Cathedral Hall. The first lecture was given by Dr Peter Vardy who talked about the nature and existence of God.

You can view the lecture again, read the slides that accompanied it and leave your questions and comments by clicking here.

Faith Matters

Fr Michael O Boy, Director for the Agency for Evangelization in the Diocese of Westminster said: Faith Matters is an initiative of the Agency for Evangelisation in conjunction with the Mount St Jesuit Centre.This is a great opportunity to discuss and reflect upon some of the contemporary issues that affect Catholics today. We are particularly aiming the talks at students and young adults, many of whom have informed us that these are the issues that they would like help in addressing and explaining. We hope that they will provide a real opportunity for learning. The discussion forums after the lectures and online will also draw heavily upon Catholic teaching and some of the Jesuit scholastics will direct those with questions to the relevant bits of the catechism. In this way we hope that the lectures will be more than a one off talk and will provide a real resource for those seeking to deepen their faith this Lent.

'Is God? Who God? - The Existence and Nature of God' is the title of the first 'Faith Matters' Lecture, by Peter Vardy Vice-Principal of Heythrop College (10 March 7pm). God is widely dismissed as a primitive notion whose time has passed. The gods of the modern era are omni-present: sex, technology, money. Holding fast to the notion of worship of and obedience to a creator and sustainer God is often seen as a childish foible. In his lecture, Dr Peter Vardy will explore the rational grounds to maintain the existence of God and to speak of this God in specific ways.  

'Catholicism and Capitalism by, Prof Philip Booth, Editorial and Programme Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs (18 March 7pm). The Catholic Church has never supported socialism and often spoken against the excesses of welfare states. Neither has the Church been totally comfortable with capitalism.  So at a time of financial and economic crisis, what does Catholic teaching tell us?  Can a market economy deal with the grave challenges of environmental problems and extreme poverty?  

'Who is Jesus? Does it matter?' by Fr Gerald OCollins, SJ, formerly Professor of Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome (25 March 7pm). In a contemporary climate of scepticism, how can Christianitys teaching about Jesus Christ speak to and change the modern world? What does it really mean to have faith in Jesus?

Catholicism and Public Life by John Battle Labour MP for Leeds West. (1 April 7.30pm). He is a member of the International Development Select Committee, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Friends of CAFOD Group and Chair of the UK Branch of Parliamentarians for Global Action.

To book your free place visit www.rcdow.org.uk/faithmatters or call Ausra Karaliute on 020 7931 6078.

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posted on 05 March 2009

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