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Prayer for Human Life

posted on 04 July 2003
The Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, has today (Friday 4th July) called on the Catholic Community to remember the unborn in their prayers this Sunday, the Day of Prayer for Human Life. The Cardinal said:

On Sunday we are asked to pray for human life. This year, with the dignity and value of human life under threat more than ever, I would urge everyone to say a special prayer for the unborn.

'We should be particularly concerned at the horrific research now being carried out on human embryos. What we are witnessing is the unacceptable exploitation of the most vulnerable in our society, based on the most chilling of reasoning. Research, no matter how well intentioned, can never justify the destruction of a defenseless human life.

'Prayer is powerful, Our Lord himself has told us so, and we should know that it is often in the darkest moments, and in the face of the greatest horrors, that we find the answer to our prayers.

'We, as Christians, share with many others an innate respect for the dignity of human life from conception to natural death. We recognise the spiritual dimension to our humanity, our desire for God, and our ongoing quest for meaning and hope in life. Today, let us join together to express these deeply held beliefs. Let us raise our prayers in defence of the vulnerable and commit ourselves to become active witnesses to the cause of dignity and life for all.

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor has asked parishes in Westminster Diocese to remember the unborn in a special intercession this weekend. The text of the intercession is as follows:

'The Lord has created every person in His own image. He gave us the precious gift of life and for this we thank Him. Today, on this day of prayer for human life, we remember the unborn who have been denied the full dignity and expression of their humanity and who remain the silent victims of our society. May these precious souls find peace and glory in His Kingdom. Lord hear us.'
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posted on 04 July 2003

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