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About the Education Service

posted on 21 September 2011

Department of Education and Formation

Chairman: Bishop John Sherrington




Diocesan Education Commission

The Diocesan Education Commission is appointed by the Archbishop as a decision-making body which acts in his name. It is responsible to him in all areas relating to education in schools and colleges set out in canon law and English law. It is responsible to the Diocesan Trustees for the financial aspects of providing and maintaining Catholic education in the Diocese. Through its Chairman, the Education Commission liaises with the Archbishop and his Auxiliary Bishops and the Diocesan Trustees. It liaises with schools and colleges mainly through the Director of Education and the staff of the Education Service.

Members of the Commission

Chairman: Bishop John Sherrington, Sr Dorothy Bell OBE,  Fr John Ablewhite,  Sr Hannah Dwyer, Mrs Sue Flockton, Mrs Bernadette Jenkins,Fr Michael Johnston, Mrs Pamela Singh OBE,

In attendance: Director of Education

Secretary: Margaret Theissl

Education Service

The Education Service works to the Diocesan Education Commission in providing professional support for Catholic School and Colleges, Support for Head Teachers, Principals and Governing Bodies.

Vaughan House
46 Francis Street,
Tel: 020 7798 9005  Fax: 020 7798 9013

The Statutes of the Education Commission can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Contact Details:
Greeny Longville
Telephone: 020 7798 9005
Text Phone:

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posted on 21 September 2011

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