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Cardinal Prays for US Victims

posted on 12 September 2001
Today at 5.30pm, Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor, Archbishop of Westminster and President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, is offering Mass and prayers in Westminster Cathedral for the many victims and all those affected by yesterday's horrific and tragic events in the United States.

In his sermon the Cardinal said that 'Terrorism is a wicked thing. Acts of terrorism are crimes against our common humanity. Such violence creates not justice but greater injustice, further violence and hatred.'

He spoke of the need for our nation to pray for
the 'eternal rest and for consolation for the families' of those who have lost their lives
the 'living victims that they may know that God is with them in their sufferings'
'those who have the heart-rending work of rescue and ministry to the injured that God will strengthen them in their heroic work'
'the entire people of the United States of America, that they will support one another in the days ahead as they come to terms with the enormity of what has happened'

The Cardinal then called upon 'all people to renew their trust in God and turn away from the bitter fruits of the kind of hatred, which is the source of the tragic events of yesterday.' He clearly condemned religious intolerance and xenophobia saying that 'we should also remember not to engage in ethnic, religious or national stereotyping as a result of the horrific acts of terrorists.'

He ended with words from the Letter to St James, that we should seek 'the wisdom that comes down from above,' which ' makes for peace and is kindly and considerate. It is full of compassion and shows itself by doing good, nor is there any trace of partiality or hypocrisy in it.'

The Mass was also attended by the Prime Minister's wife, Mrs Cherie Blair.

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posted on 12 September 2001

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