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Cardinal Celebrates Requiem Mass for Tsunami Victims

posted on 17 January 2005
Speaking at a special Mass at Westminster Cathedral on Sunday, 16 January for the victims of the Tsunami and the bereaved, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-OConnor praised the generosity of countless millions of people who had shown solidarity and comfort to those who know that their sorrow is shared by the rest of humankind

Preaching in the presence of Catholics in the Diocese of Westminster who come from the countries most affected, of government representatives and ambassadors and High Commissioners based in London, the Cardinal pledged that, long after the news teams had returned home, the nations and communities affected would have to rebuild their lives and that each person had to reflect on what they could do to sustain the bereaved:

As individuals, we can do so through our prayers and generosity. Governments can do it by sustained aid efforts, by imaginative initiatives to relieve the burden of debt on the poorest and by improving the terms of trade. But they will need the support and encouragement of their own peopleThe worlds response to the Tsunami showed the selfless generosity that a tragedy can evoke. When we know about it, we respond. I hope that we shall now have new eyes to see, and respond to, the daily tragedy of the thirty thousand lives that are lost to poverty and hunger, to the one and a half million lives a year that it is within our power to save
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posted on 17 January 2005

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