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'Marriage a blessing for society'

posted on 12 May 2008

In an interview with BBC Television, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-OConnor has said that the breakdown of marriage is 'one of the greatest evils of our day'.

Speaking to the BBC Religious Affairs correspondent Robert Pigott he said:

'If you speak to any government official or social services, youll find that much of the trouble that comes, whether it is crime or disruption, comes from broken families. How often now are people and governments saying to parents, please, not just control your children, but form your children, help your children, it makes it a lot easier in schools.'

'So, I think that the breakdown of marriage, in my view, is one of the greatest evils of our day and the consequences are not only now, but very much into the future. And thats why I think that faith communities, not only the Christian communities but other faith communities,  if were counter cultural and say there should be marriage until death do us part, then we are preserving a tradition that is hugely, hugely important not just for today, but for our country, and for the future.'

'I call it a time bomb, because it is insidious. Its starting now over these past years, the growth of divorce and break up, but the effects of it will go on and on, unless somehow society comes to see, and hopefully our young people who are going to get married, will be able to see, that faithful long term marriage, permanent marriage is a blessing. A blessing not only for them, but a blessing for society.'

The interview was given on the day of a special  Mass for Matrimony which took place on Saturday 10th May 2008,  at Westminster Cathedral. Over 700 couples with a combined total of more than 43,000 years of marriage celebrated their wedding anniversaries.

You can view clips of the interview and find out more about the Mass for Marriage by clicking on the links below.  

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posted on 12 May 2008

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