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At Your Word Lord- A call to conversion in Westminster

posted on 13 February 2004
This weekend the Diocese of Westminster begins its second Season of the 3-year process of renewal: At Your Word, Lord.

The theme for this Season is 'Conversion'. We celebrate the call that God makes to constantly assess how we live our life. We are invited to grow in love of God by making conversion to the message of the Gospel a part of our everyday lives.

Across the Diocese, well over 20,000 people have enrolled to join one of the small communities gathering within their own parish. As with the first Season of the renewal process, in October 2003, these small communities will meet once each week for six weeks. This Season coincides with Lent and for many people, joining a small community will be the activity they choose to do in preparation for Easter.

At Your Word, Lord has produced resources for the small communities and for daily meditation. We are excited at the ongoing development of these resources as the seasons progress. These are available through parishes. This Season the At Your Word, Lord Team have given more prominence to resources for families, young people and children. Every parish has received a CD-ROM containing a variety of resources for use at home, in the parish and in schools.

Fr. Stuart Wilson, Director of At Your Word, Lord writes:

'Season II is here! It covers our holy season of Lent - a time when Christians think about 'doing something'. What have you done so far?

Maybe during Season I you prayed the Meditation book - there is another one for Season II. Imagine the power of the prayer if everybody in the Diocese was using the daily meditation.

Maybe you found new depth in your Sunday Mass and homily. All the priests of our Diocese have been asked to preach on the themes of Season II. Conversion is such a wonderful thing to think and pray about in Lent. Promise yourself not to miss Mass any of the Sundays of Lent.

Perhaps you were part of a small community that met in someone's house during Season I. If you were you don't need me to encourage you to join a small faith sharing community in Season II. However it shouldn't stop you encouraging others to come along as well. I promise you that the decision to join a small community will really make a difference to your life. Last Season 20,000 met in groups. It would be good if half as many again could be our total in Season II. Your attendance will make a difference for you as well as for the Diocese.

Are you on board? I hope you will be!!'

At Your Word, Lord is the process of renewal taking place in the Diocese of Westminster. It is a two-and-a-half year process split into five 'seasons', each with its own theme.

For further information please contact:
The At Your Word, Lord Team
Vaughan House
46 Francis Street
London SW1P 1QN

Telephone: 020 7931 6064
Fax: 020 7798 9077
Email: aywl@rcdow.org.uk
Web: www.aywl.org.uk

Contact Details:
Austen Ivereigh
Telephone: 020 7798 9045 or 07905 224860
posted on 13 February 2004

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