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Silver Jubilee Tribute to His Holiness Pope John Paul II

posted on 16 October 2003
Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England & Wales and Archbishop of Westminster, led the Bishops of England & Wales in their tributes to Pope John Paul II on his Silver Jubilee today (Thursday). Speaking on Radio 4's Today Programme, Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor, said:

' His whole life and mission, as priest, bishop, pope, has been to communicate to people worldwide that you will only be free if you order your life by what is true. In season and out, he has waged a battle against the moral confusion of these times.'

'For the past 25 years, Pope John Paul has travelled the world. He has spoken about the truth, of the dignity of the human person, which should never be violated. He has spoken about the truth of the necessity of justice and peace for a world torn apart by injustice and hatred. He has spoken the truth about the universal call to holiness by a God who has created us and through the revelation of Jesus Christ has revealed His love and mercy for all humanity.

' It seems to me that this is most apparent in the Pope's enormous appeal to young people. I watched him, three years ago, walk hand in hand with five young people, one from each continent, into the arena outside Rome where
nearly two million young people were gathered together to greet him.

'To them, he preached a new message, sang a new song, told them that if they lived a life in accordance with the Gospel, then they would be free.'

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posted on 16 October 2003

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