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Caring for Gods creation
posted on 13 February 2012
Our Environmental Mission
Our Environmental Mission

The care of Gods creation is the focus of a new leaflet about the environment which has been produced for the Diocese of Westminsters 214 parishes in London and Hertfordshire.

The leaflet, Our Environmental Mission provides suggestions on how Catholics can learn more about the Catholic faith and its message for creation. It also includes a range of practical ideas on caring for the natural world through living simply and sustainably. The leaflet can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this webpage.

Featured in the leaflet is a prayer about care for Gods creation.

God and Creator of beauty,  majesty and mystery,
You are indeed the Lord of all Creation.
We thank you for the gift of our life,  and for all created life.
Teach us what it means to be human  and keep us ever aware of the
privilege and challenge of responsible  stewardship.
Show us how to care for the Earth, our home.
Grant us conviction and humility in this sacred undertaking.

Living out the Eucharist as stewards of creation.

In an introduction to the leaflet, which has been compiled by the Diocese of Westminsters  Justice and Peace Commission, Bishop John Arnold said:

Pope Benedict XVI, in his message for World Peace Day in 2010, said: The environment must be seen as Gods gift to all people, and the use we make of it entails a shared responsibility for all humanity, especially the poor and future generations

It is right that we honour creation through prayer and liturgy. It is also important to link faith with action.

Small actions, which can be easily accomplished, are often the most effective. But whatever your contribution, I hope that you can be encouraged by the ideas in this leaflet and so better care for the gifts of the Earth and live out the Eucharist as stewards of creation.

Working for the common good of Gods creation

Fr Joe Ryan, Chair of the Diocese of Westminsters Justice and Peace Commission said:

Our Environmental Mission provides a succinct summary of the theology concerning care for Gods creation as well as some easily achievable activities which parishes can carry out.  The leaflet includes suggested actions for the diocese, for our parishes and for individual parishioners.

Also included are links to other resources and websites which will allow parishes to work for the common good of Gods creation and learn more about the Catholic Faith and its message for caring for the Earth, our home.

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Copies of the leaflet can be obtained by contacting justiceandpeace@rcdow.org.uk or by phoning 020 8888 4222

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