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Justice and Peace Annual Day launch of new resources for 100 Days of Peace
posted on 19 October 2011
Catholic Diocese of Westminster
Diocese of Westminster

100 Days of Peace is a Justice and Peace initiative supported by the three dioceses of Brentwood, Southwark and Westminster. 

The schools held their launch on October 7 in Westminster Cathedral, and three days have been lined up for parishes, October 15 (Westminster), October 22 (Southwark) and November 5  (Brentwood).

It was also launched at the Justice and Peace annual day at the Cathedral Hall on Saturday 15 October. 

Archbishop Vincent greeted the gathering and led the opening prayer, reminding us that the schools had had their own launch in the Cathedral the previous week and encouraging us to spread the idea of peace on the streets of London to all parishes.   The aim of the day was to empower parishes to plan  their own peace events in the lead up to the 2012 Games. 

Pat Gaffney explained the  concept of a culture of peace: remembering peace people in our areas, planting peace gardens, and marking local efforts towards reconciliation, so that war and militarism do not define our outlook.  James Parker explained the opportunities that More Than Gold offered for churches to get involved in celebrating the Games, such as offering hospitality and organising  Big Screen Festivals.  

Margaret Mizen of the Jimmy Mizen Foundation, shared with us her memories of her son, tragically killed at  the age of 16 in South London by an angry boy, and outlined what she and her husband have tried to do since, in visiting schools and prisons to preach the futility of anger and hatred.   Participants  concluded  by moving out of the Hall and walking  to the St Francis statue behind the Cathedral, to offer prayers for peace for the world and peace for  the streets of London, singing the St Francis peace prayer, Make me a Channel of Your Peace. 

Two exciting resources were launched: the first, a booklet of ideas and resources, is aimed at churches and parishes of all denominations, and encourages groups to work in partnership with others in their area, whether on a sports or cultural or environmental event   The 100 Days of Peace Events and Resources Planner is available from the Justice and Peace office for postal costs only, or downloadable from the Peace Legacy website (www.peacelegacy.org.uk)   

The second resource is a specially commissioned song which was premiered at the annual day.  Composed by a teacher from Crewe, Matthew Plant, at the request of the Justice and Peace Commission, it was sung and recorded by his pupils at St Marys Catholic Primary School in Crewe.  It is likewise downloadable from the Peace Legacy website.  Sheet music will shortly be available. 

 We strongly urge ALL parishes  and schools  to start planning their peace event for 100 Days of Peace. 


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