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Useful Websites forJustice & Peace Issues
posted on 01 January 2009

Catholic Social Teaching (CST) encompasses a wide range of issues, many of which are covered by more specialised organisations. We offer below some links where more in-depth information and resources may be found. Most are Catholic or otherwise Christian sites, but some have been included as recognised lead organisations in their field.
All are independent sites, and Diocese of Westminster is not responsible for their content.

General Reference
National Justice & Peace Network
Caritas Social Action Network
Catholic Social Teaching Website from LiveSimply
Some Source Documents for CST
Compendium of Social Doctrine of the Church 
Justice Magazine

Overseas Poverty & Development
CAFOD - CAFOD Westminster
Christian Aid
Progressio (formerly CIIR - Catholic Institute for International Relations)
World Development Movement
Fair Trade Foundation
Trade Justice Movement
Jubilee Debt Campaign

Domestic Poverty & Homelessness
Caritas Westminster 
Church Action on Poverty
Housing Justice (incorporating former CHAS - Catholic Housing Aid Society)
St. Vincent DePaul Society (SVP)
Vincentians in Partnership
Zacchaeus 2000 Trust

DePaul Trust
Passage Day Centre
Cardinal Hume Centre

Peace, Security, Disarmament
Pax Christi                           Pax Christi: Israel/Palestine
Fellowship of Reconciliation
CND Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament - Christian CND
CAAT Campaign Against Arms Trade CAAT Christian Network
Movement for Abolition of War
World Disarmament Campaign 
Caritas Internationalis Peacebuilding toolkit

Human Rights, Equality, Refugees & Asylum
Amnesty International
Action by Christians Against Torture
British Refugee Council
Jesuit Refugee Service
Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture
Catholic Association for Racial Justice 
See also the Department for Marriage, Family and Life page Dignity of the Person

Environment, Climate, Integrity of Creation
Christian Ecology Link
Operation Noah
Friends of the Earth

Westminster Interfaith is an agency of the Diocese of Westminster within the department of Ecumenism, Interfaith and Justice and Peace.
Westminster Interfaith Website 
Westminster Interfaith Newsletters
London Boroughs Faiths Network  
Faiths Forum for London  
Interfaith Network for the UK (London page)   
London Interfaith Centre


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