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Be a Justice and Peace contact! Start a group!
posted on 07 March 2011
Catholic Diocese of Westminster
Diocese of Westminster

We need more  Parish Justice and Peace Contacts!!


Ideally a contact would:


a) make J&P  newsletters available quarterly

b) put flyers and posters up (in a dedicated Justice and Peace space if possible) as and when they arrive

c) Support the Fairtrade status of the parish, or encourage the parish to apply for it

d) Get people along for our annual study day!

e) Put J & P announcements and events in the parish newsletter

f) put 'green tips' in the newsletter either every week or on a regular basis


We need more Justice and Peace Groups!!


To start a Justice and Peace group in the parish, here are some actions you could take:


a)      Consult your parish priest and find out if anyone else is interested. 

b)      put an announcement in the newsletter, such as:


Justice and Peace is a way of describing the Churchs call to witness to gospel values in society.  If you would like to explore how our parish can show this witness in our area, and how we can speak up for justice and peace in a local, national and international way, come along on ......(DATE, TIME etc) ............  to the parish centre. 


c)       Invite someone from the Justice and Peace Commission along to talk either to the whole parish on a Sunday, or to the meeting you are calling.

d)      Ask the Justice and Peace Commission for contacts in other parishes near you. 

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Contact details:
Barbara Kentish
Telephone: 0208 888 5518

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