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Justice and Peace Commission

Date Postedposted on 31 January 2012
Westminster Justice & Peace dove
Westminster Justice & Peace dove

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The Commissions overall aim is for Justice and Peace activity to be part of the core of the Churchs work throughout the Westminster Diocese and to be perceived to be so by Catholic and non-Catholic alike. Read more>>

Visit the new Catholic Social Teaching Website from Livesimply
Some useful Links for Justice & Peace Issues

Diocese of Westminster
Date Postedposted on 07 March 2011

'Justice and Peace' is about working for a better world.  Of course we all want that, but as our Commission handbook (and St Teresa of Avila!) says, 'Christ has no hands in this world but yours' ...   It's up to all of us to make a difference. If you want more social justice in your area, think of being the parish Justice and Peace contact, and put the ideas around, or start networking, and see if you can start a group. The Justice and Peace Commission will do its best to support you. 

Westminster Justice & Peace Coordinator Fr. Joe Ryan
Date Postedposted on 07 February 2011

Cutting our Carbon Footprint is a guide and  is best used by an environment group or 'green champion' group.  It is designed to make auditing your parish use of energy simple and effective. Who doesn't want lower heating bills?! 

Fairtrade Logo
Date Postedposted on 14 February 2010

The Justice and Peace Commission is asking more parishes to make the change to Fairtrade and help witness to justice.

Westminster Justice & Peace Coordinator Fr. Joe Ryan
Date Postedposted on 24 November 2009

Witnessing to the Integrity of Creation is a resource to support the development of greater commitment to the care for creation in our parishes.  It summarises the reasons why and ways how we might do so. It offers a sample Parish Action Plan, and lists a few of the many resources available.  It also offers 52 'Eco-tips', one for each week of the year in the newsletter.  Above all it is a document that calls everyone to do what they can, rather than prescribing views and strategies.  Each is called to serve the 'Lord God of all Creation'  in their own unique way.  Witnessing to the Integrity of Creation provides some guideposts. 

Click here to find the resource for download

Date Postedposted on 01 January 2009

Catholic Social Teaching (CST) encompasses a wide range of issues, many of which are covered by more specialised organisations . We offer here some links to websites where more in-depth information and resources may be found.

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