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posted on 01 October 2012
Bishop Challoner Class (c) Chris Jepson
Bishop Challoner Class (c) Chris Jepson

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                     Advent and Christmas

The Diocesan Policy on Religious Education (2012) commits the Diocese to support schools in implementing the requirements of the Curriculum Directory and other norms of the Bishops Conference. In recent years this Diocesan support has focussed on agreeing and developing a fuller understanding of the national Levels of Attainment and in improving the teaching of Scripture.

The units produced for the Year of Faith serve two purposes. First, they model the application of these two important areas and so serve as continuing the professional development of Staff. Second, the content they offer explicitly supports Pope Benedicts call for a Year of Faith during 2012-13.

Each of the units will model:

        A Scripture process employing the principles described in the new Religious Education Curriculum Directory (RECD),

        Content necessary for achievement of the Diocesan understanding of the Levels of Attainment up to and including Level 5,

        Explicit links between the teaching of Religious Education and the new RECD as required by the Diocesan Inspection Framework.

       Opportunities by which pupils are invited, in line with the Archbishops proposed programme, to consider the most fundamental aspect of Faith:  - belief in God.


This second unit continues Archbishop Vincent's theme of Faith by exploring the incarnation through study of Advent and Christmas.  

See below for units in Word and PDF format.






Contact details for Primary Team Advisers/Consultants:

Pam Singh, Margaret Carswell, Kathleen Gilbert, Yvonne Govan, Michael Corcoran, Catherine Bryan

Telephone: 020 7798 9005, Email; first

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Contact details:
Stephen Horsman
Team Leader
Telephone: 020 7798 9005

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