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Chaplains: Appointment of Secondary School Chaplains: Guidance
posted on 09 October 2006
Catholic Diocese of Westminster
Diocese of Westminster

The appointment of a Chaplain in any Catholic school cannot take place without the prior approval of the Bishop. This can be a complex area, and any school contemplating the appointment of a Chaplain should consult the Diocesan Guidance which can be downloaded from this page before taking any action. This will ensure that they proceed appropriately and avoid any potential problems.

Chaplaincy needs may be served by a variety of persons. School chaplaincies may mean individual secular or regular priests or collaborative teams consisting of a number of consecrated persons, priests and laity, co-ordinated by individual lay or consecrated persons who may be either male or female.

The Guidance available below gives further information.

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Contact details:
Mgr Vlad Felzmann
Co-ordinator of School Chaplains
Telephone: 020 7798 9005
Fax: 020 7798 9013

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