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New Diocesan Inspection Framework Pilot January - July 2012
posted on 16 January 2012
Catholic Diocese of Westminster
Diocese of Westminster

Pilot of the new Diocesan Framework for Inspection

The new Diocesan Inspection Framework has been approved as a Pilot Scheme by the Education Commission for implementation from January 2012. The results of this Pilot Scheme will be evaluated in July 2012 with any subsequent changes implemented in September 2012.

The development of the new Framework is the result of over two years work by the Inspection Committee, following on from their development of the Red Book,  and has included Diocesan wide consultation and in-service training for inspectors, subject leaders in religious education and, in the coming months at various conferences, to heads and deputies.

The key areas for inspection remain the same curriculum religious education and the Catholic life of the school but the focus for inspection on each of these areas is different.  There is a new Diocesan SEF which schools are invited to use.

Until such times as the issues of funding for Section 48 is finalised, we will continue to inspect schools according to the current practice as and when Ofsted inform us of the date.  This means, at present, that Outstanding schools will not be inspected according to Ofsteds programme for inspections, but it is our intention to inspect all schools according to a Diocesan schedule.

The current process will continue: schools inform Mike Pittendreigh of the date of their Ofsted; Mike arranges for an inspector to be assigned, who then negotiates with the school the best time for their Diocesan Inspection. As the new Framework requires a different focus, advisers and the Chief Inspector will willingly work with any school prior to its inspection, to assist and support it.  Please do not hesitate to call on their assistance.

In the initial period of the Pilot January to March 2012 - support for subject leaders as well as heads and deputies will be offered to assist them in their preparation for Diocesan Inspection. Schools will be given those months to begin using the new SEF and inspectors will be particularly supportive during this period of transition. However, by the end of March there will be an expectation that schools are using the new Framework.

Feedback from schools on any aspect of the Pilot materoial or process is particularly welcomed during this Pilot  phase and will be taken into account during the evaluation.

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