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posted on 11 March 2011
Paul Barber (l) Nick Gibb MP (c) and Bishop George Stack (r)
Paul Barber (l) Nick Gibb MP (c) and Bishop George Stack (r)

This page attempts to gather together all the latest information, Briefing Notes from the Diocese, CES, Bishop's Conference and elsewhere, as well as links to further information on related websites. We will try to keep it updated as often as possible.

A Working Party has been formed and its membership can be found here. The Notes of each meeting of the Working Party will be put onto this page.

We are also adding the information which will be useful to those schools wishing to be part of Wave 1 of the Academies Programme in the Diocese. (participation in Wave 1, of any future participation, is still subject to the Trustee's consent.) This information is meant to inform schools, it is not to be taken that the Diocese is recommending schools to be come Academies (or otherwise). Governing bodies will need to take decisions after carefully considering all the facts including their own particular circumstances. For those who do wish to do so, an application form for conditional consent fromn the Trustees is available below.

The Diocese's consultation exercise on the Academy programme, carried out during the summer of 2011, is still avaiable for viewing at:

Inside Westminster - Click here to sign up

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