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Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School
posted on 12 September 2011
Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School
Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School

The Diocese of Westminster has appointed Mr Philip Coppel as a Foundation Governor for the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School.

The appointment follows the resignation of the Director of Education from the Governing Body of the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School, having fulfilled the role he was asked to take on by Bishop George Stack just over a year ago.  The Diocese of Westminster has written to the Chairman of the Governing Body requesting that the Director of Education become an Associate Member of the Governing Body in order to maintain the improved communication between the Diocese and the Governing Body.

The Diocese of Westminster has also requested that Mr Andrew Ndoca be appointed as an Associate Member of the Governing Body with a view to appointment as a Foundation Governor as soon as a vacancy arises.

Both Mr Coppel and Mr Ndoca are parents with children at the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School.

Leading the school into the future

The Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster said: “I hope that all will now support the school’s Governing Body as it moves forward to find the right person to lead the school into the future. In particular, I hope that in the appointment of a new Head the process for selection and its outcome will be as a result of a broad consensus of the Governing Body.”

Statement from Chairman of Governors

In a statement, the Chairman of Governors of the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School, Mr John O'Donnell, said:

'I very much welcome Archbishop Nichols' decision to appoint a current Vaughan parent as a foundation governor and his commitment to appoint a second as soon as a vacancy arises. I hope that this decision will herald a renewal of the partnership between the school, the parents, the governors, the local authority and the diocese.

'We   are already showing what such a partnership can achieve. The school, the diocese and the local authority have worked closely together to secure a grant to allow us to purchase a property, subject to negotiations, to achieve a significant increase in the sixth form.

'This year holds much promise for the school. We will soon have a new head and I strongly endorse the Archbishop's desire that the appointment of the new head teacher reflects a broad consensus of the Governing Body.

'This year's A level and GCSE results confirmed the position of the Vaughan as one of Britain's top comprehensives. By addressing directly the concerns of the parents, the Archbishop has created the conditions to allow us all to unite to build on these remarkable achievements.'

What is a Foundation Governor?

Foundation Governors are appointed by a representative of the Church. In the case of a school in the Trusteeship of the Diocese of Westminster, which is the case for the CVMS, this power is vested in the Archbishop of Westminster (and usually exercised in his name by the Bishop Chairman of the Diocesan Education Commission).

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