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About the Chancery Service
posted on 07 February 2006
Catholic Diocese of Westminster
Diocese of Westminster

The main work of the Chancery Office is the processing of marriage papers worldwide - for couples where the Catholic party, at least, is resident within Westminster.

The aim is to help and assist both priests and couples in what can be the quite complex preparation of marriage documentation. Paperwork is sent to the Chancery from the parishes, it is processed, recorded, and then forwarded to the parish / diocese of marriage.

The Chancery deals with queries by post, telephone, fax and email - from priests, parishioners and the general public, with regard to marriage, baptism and confirmation documentation. The Office also deals with permissions for Reception into the Church, the issuing of priests Faculties, Celebrets and Ordination certificates and many general Curial enquiries.

The Chancery is open 8am to 4pm or by appointment.

The Chancery forms can be downloaded by Priests and other Intranet users from the Diocesan Intranet at :

The Chancellor is Fr Jeremy Trood and he can be contacted at Archbishop's House, Ambrosden Avenue, SW1P 1QJ or by ringing the Chancery Office.

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Contact for progress/status of cases: Avril Foley, Chancery Assistant, 020 7931 6042, For general enquiries email: Office open Monday to Friday 8am-4pm

Contact details:
Brenda Roberts
Vice Chancellor (Administrative & Procedural Enquiries)
Telephone: 020 7798 9037

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