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About Westminster Interfaith
posted on 09 June 2009

Westminster Interfaith is an agency of the Diocese of Westminster within the department of Ecumenism, Interfaith and Justice and Peace.

It aims to respond to the teaching of the Second Vatican Council and the Popes with regard to interreligious dialogue. In particular it seeks to promote greater understanding, co-operation and respect between Christians and people of other faiths and thus combat discrimination at all levels. It also helps Catholics deepen their own faith by promoting greater awareness of other faiths through dialogue, prayer and action.

Each year Westminster Interfaith aims to put on and assist in a range of events which provide opportunities for people of faith to listen to and learn with one another. These events may be local, as in visits to places of worship, or more general. The best known is the annual multi-faith Pilgrimage, now in its twenty sixth year, set out in a chosen part of London and which takes place on the first Saturday of June.

In response to requests from individuals, or from deaneries, parishes, educational establishments and seminaries, a team of five co-ordinators provide information and ideas. They help organise seminars, retreats, pilgrimages, liturgies and lectures in a variety of subjects.

A newsletter, published five times a year contains articles, reports of interfaith events, book reviews and news of future events. Full details of how to subscribe to the newsletter can be obtained from the Central Office contact below

Contact details:

(For correspondence)

Westminster Interfaith
Westminster House
Watford Way
London NW4 4TY
Tel: 020 8457 6532

Team Members:

Jon Dal Din, Director
Tel: 020 8457 6532 Mobile: 07527 758729

e mail Jon Dal Din

Sr Hilda Denyer
Convent of the Assumption
Kensington Square
W8 5HN
Tel: 020 7361 4741
e-mail Sr Hilda Denyer

Sr Mary Horan 
9 Montague Place  
E14 0EX
Tel: 079 4036 6902 
e-mail Sr Mary Hogan

Sr Elizabeth ODonohoe
23 Hazleville Rd
N19 3NF
Tel/fax: 020 7272 8048
e-mail: Sr Elizabeth O'Donohoe

Miss Margaret Slynn
12 Adeyfield Gdns
Hemel Hempstead
Tel: 01442 269440
e-mail: Margaret Slynn

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Contact details:
Jon Dal Din
Telephone: 020 8457 6532 Mobile 07527 758729

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