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Fr Peter Scott awarded Vatican's Good Samaritan Medal
posted on 07 February 2011
Fr Peter Scott
Fr Peter Scott

Fr Peter Scott, Advisor for Healthcare Chaplaincy to Archbishop Vincent Nichols, has been awarded the Vaticans highest medal for healthcare, The Good Samaritan Medal.

The medal was awarded  at the end of a meeting at the Vaticans Pontifical Health Care Workers by its President, Archbishop Zygmund Zimowski on the Feast of the Presentation, 2 February 2011. Also receiving the medal was Mr Jim McManus, Director of Public Health for Birmingham.

The Good Samaritan Medal is awarded by the Vatican to those who serve the sick and suffering in an exceptional way. Previous recipients of the Good Samaritan Medal include Sir Alexander Fleming.

Only four  people currently working in the UK have the medal, one of whom is Bishop Tom Williams who is Chair of the Healthcare Group for the Catholic Church in England and Wales and worked in hospital care for many years.

Fr Scott said: It has come as a welcome surprise and a great honour to be awarded the Good Samaritan Medal by the Pontifical Council for Healthcare. The Catholic Church has been pioneering in advocating the importance of healthcare chaplaincy to the NHS. I feel honoured to be part of that mission and to work with many remarkable people. Healthcare chaplains are a unique discipline within hospitals. They are on call 24/7 and serve not only patients but relatives and staff. In the midst of trauma and despair, you will find a chaplain consoling and soothing the sufferer with the words of Christ.

Fr Peter Scott is healthcare adviser to the Archbishop of Westminster, and is a member of the Catholic Churchs national healthcare advisory group and has worked on healthcare chaplaincy and healthcare for some years, including producing publications and training and leading the creation of a degree in hospital chaplaincy at St Mary's University College, Twickenham.

Mr Jim McManus is Director of Public Health for Birmingham and among other work has produced publications and resources on healthcare for the Church and healthcare workers, and is also a member of the Churchs healthcare advisory group. He worked on behalf of the Church with Central Government on health and healthcare issues.

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