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Westminster Voices - a new podcast from the Diocese of Westminster
posted on 22 July 2008
Hands Reaching Out
Hands Reaching Out

Westminster Voices, a new podcast from the Diocese of Westminster, is now available as a  download from the diocese's website.

With the holiday season well underway, Westminster Voices goes behind the scenes at Heathrow airport and finds out about the work of Fr Paschal Ryan, the airport's Catholic chaplain.

'Our civilisation has become a civilisation on the move and airports are now the crossroads of the world, explains Fr Ryan.  ' For some people, the airport is a place where they now spend a significant amount of time and they want to make space for prayer to come to Mass or even go to Confession.

History of Catholicism

In the company of Fr Nicholas Schofield, the Diocese of Westminster's archivist, Westminster Voices examines the significance of the 1908 London Eucharistic Congress, a remarkable moment in the history of Catholicism in England.

Held at a time when Catholics were still viewed with suspicion by many people in the capital, the Congress was attended by 7 Cardinals, 15 Archbishops and 70 Bishops from all over Europe. It was also the first time a Papal Legate had set foot in England since the time of Queen Mary Tudor.

St Paul

Westminster Voices also includes an interview about the life and work of St Paul with Bishop John Arnold and Mark Nash from Westminster's Agency for Evangelisation.


Westminster Voices is presented and produced by Nick Patrick, who has extensive experience of making radio programmes for BBC Radio 4, including the popular interactive series Making History and Home Planet.

It was commissioned by Eddie Tulasiewicz of the Diocese of Westminster's Communications Office. He said: In todays online world, it's important that we provide news and information about the work and mission of the Catholic Church in Westminster to the many people who enjoy listening to podcasts. Over the coming months, we hope to make this podcast a regular feature of our website and look forward  to bringing more voices of our priests and people to a wider audience in the diocese and beyond.

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