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The Ten Principles of Ecumenism
posted on 01 January 1900
Catholic Diocese of Westminster
Diocese of Westminster

By Cardinal Avery Dulles, Ecumenical Trends, Vol. 2, No 9, Dec. 1973, pp. 1-3

  1. The Church of Christ transcends each of the particular communions; it is not coterminous with any one denominational church.
  2. No Christian communion is to be treated as if it were perfectly the Church of Christ.
  3. The existing bonds of union among the major Christian communities are more important than the differences that separate them.
  4. The separated Christian bodies should seek to express and deepen by common witness, common worship, and common service, the unity they already have.
  5. In our ecumenical contacts we should assume that all Christian communities have something valuable to give and that God may wish to say something to us through them.
  6. The surest path to Christian unity consists in mutual giving, mutual receptivity, and progressive convergence.
  7. Only by becoming closer to Christ do the churches come closer to the unity to which they are called.
  8. Compromise should be accepted for the sake of reconciliation, but only where no loss of integrity is involved.
  9. The unity that is sought should include a minimum of burdens and a maximum of freedom for diverse traditions.
  10. The unity that God wills for His Church must also be His gift. It must therefore be sought by earnest prayer as well as by committed action.
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