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101 Ways to Foster Christian Unity in your Parish
posted on 01 January 1900
Catholic Diocese of Westminster
Diocese of Westminster
  1. If the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity service is not attracting attendances, change it, and change how you devise it. Also try a joint Christmas Carol Service or New Year Service, with a fund-raising supper in aid of the homeless or Children in Need
  2. Keep Ash Wednesday together in some way
  3. Hold Lent prayer services or study groups together
  4. A joint holiday, with a spiritual, pastoral or mission theme
  5. Support or create local projects to help those in need or at risk
  6. Fast together
  7. Women's groups meeting together occasionally
  8. Be active in the local Churches Together
  9. Association of Inter-Church Families
  10. Supporting together your local state schools with volunteering
  11. Joint event on Mothering Sunday
  12. Marriage preparation
  13. Computer and literacy classes, especially to help young people not keeping up with school
  14. Support and understanding for teenage mothers
  15. Joint music events
  16. Volunteering together in nursing homes and hospices
  17. Bible study
  18. Bonfire Celebration for All Saints Day
  19. Holiday or away days for children, especially those with difficult home lives
  20. Emmaus or Cursillo groups
  21. Mentoring support for youths at risk of offending or drugs
  22. Working with resettlement-after-prison schemes and Community Chaplaincy
  23. Mutual support for the fund-raising activities of the churches' children's societies
  24. Supporting each others' Bazaars and Fairs, and other fund raising events
  25. Working together to discuss Alpha, RCIA and adult confirmation formation, to find possibilities for joint sessions and mutual learning
  26. Family Baptism preparation
  27. Church textile and embroidery
  28. Exchanges of preachers
  29. Offering adult education courses and facilities
  30. Church history courses or events
  31. Stations of the Cross
  32. Common Celebrations of Harvest thanksgiving, with Harvest supper
  33. Working together with environmental charities - recycling, safe transport, woodlands, responsible gardening and agriculture, healthy living - to promote the Christian respect for creation and concern for the environment
  34. Plant trees and small natural environments as places for reflection and enjoyment
  35. Support or accommodate AA, Al-Anon, NA groups
  36. Network for baby-sitting and childcare
  37. Phone network to support churches' elderly and housebound people
  38. Network to support each others' members in hospital or in crisis
  39. Bereavement support
  40. Clergy support group and mentoring
  41. Joint Churches' liaison with local political representatives and officials, MPs, MEPs - especially on matters of social justice, community development and Christian ethics and bio-ethics
  42. Shared news and publicity - magazine and newsletters
  43. Audit the skills and interests of each others' members and share these with other churches
  44. Prayer and support for each others' overseas mission links
  45. Prayer and support for members of congregations who are teaching in schools
  46. Pastoral support of the unborn child and mothers in difficulties
  47. Working with other churches and faith groups towards ethnic and cultural inclusion, especially among migrants and refugees
  48. Evangelistic projects
  49. Church involvement in Neighbourhood Watch or community safety projects
  50. Christian leadership for neighbourhood renewal and urban regeneration
  51. Church support for community restorative justice programmes
  52. Joint pilgrimages - to Lourdes, Walsingham, Aylesford, historic Cathedrals, the Holy Land, Rome, Assisi, Eastern Christianity
  53. Joint retreats or quiet days at a monastery or convent
  54. Drama and creative writing
  55. Together supporting community enterprises and social development projects
  56. Youth inclusion, space for young people to meet safely
  57. Offering churches and congregations to schools as living RE resources
  58. Programmes to support youth spirituality and worship celebrations
  59. Collaborating on young people's organisations and youth projects
  60. Joint liaison with the police and local authorities
  61. The Women's World Day of Prayer
  62. Groups and activities to promote reconciliation, justice and peace
  63. Penitential or preparation services in Lent and Advent
  64. Joint services in Holy Week
  65. Joint Good Friday or Palm Sunday service or procession
  66. Attend each others services Anglican Evensong, Orthodox Saturday Vigil, Sunday Free Church services, as well as their Eucharistic liturgies
  67. Imaginative new ways of celebrating the days of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
  68. Joint celebration in honour of the Sacrament of Baptism after Epiphany
  69. Joint liaison with local leaders of other faiths and ethnic minorities
  70. Emergency food bank
  71. Furniture bank
  72. Support for new parents, especially those on their own
  73. Joint observance of Remembrance Day
  74. Choir for leading worship on special ecumenical occasions
  75. Branch of the Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  76. Combined recycling scheme
  77. Joint efforts in energy saving and renewable energy
  78. Sharing Eucharistic spirituality, including Benediction
  79. Inviting other Christians to Third Order or other Catholic societies' meetings
  80. Set up a credit union
  81. Co-ordinate charitable responses for third world relief
  82. Pray for those on each others' lists of sick and departed church member
  83. Network for welcoming new neighbours
  84. Joint meetings of lay representatives from each others' church councils or finance committees to share problems, advice, plans
  85. Joint media/press relations for publicity
  86. Joint diary planning - to minimise clashes and to promote mutual prayer support
  87. Ecumenical library, with a strong spirituality collection
  88. Promoting household spirituality - prayer at mealtimes, prayer in the home
  89. Contemplative prayer groups such as Julian Meetings
  90. Intercessory prayer meetings or services
  91. Arrange with each other to be kept churches open in turn as sacred space
  92. Establish Thursday as the special weekly day to pray for the unity of Christians
  93. Pray for vocations to the ordained ministry of all churches
  94. Pray for vocations to the religious life
  95. Pray for vocations to lay ministry and volunteering, especially for work with children and young people at risk
  96. Pray for the humility that removes barriers to unity and for the chance to make reparation for the sin of disunity
  97. Learn Avery Dulles 10 Principles of Ecumenism
  98. Work as though the result depends on you
  99. Pray in the knowledge that the result depends on God
  100. Joint Christian Aid and CAFOD house-to house collection
  101. Fill in your own ideas
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