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Making ecumenical contact
posted on 01 January 1900
Catholic Diocese of Westminster
Diocese of Westminster

1.    When corresponding with a leader of another Christian tradition, be sure to use the correct title.

2.    Inform yourself on their Christian traditions before making contact. Always have a profound respect for all other Christian expressions of belief, worship and spirituality, and be prepared to learn much.

3.    When speaking to other Christians your position should always be one of asking and listening. We are not there to tell them to come to our meeting, our service, our group, but to ask about the possibility of doing something that is jointly sponsored and that would be a faith sharing and faith building exercise for all alike.

4.    Remember the golden rule: always enter into conversation with a desire to ask and learn. When you participate in dialogue, faith sharing, you are “walking on holy ground”. God is present in your midst. Always express gratitude for the chance to be in dialogue with your sisters and brothers in Christ. And do not be surprised when God asks you to receive something from them. If you find that others have received something from you, recognise this is all humility as a gift of God himself:

Catholics must learn to value the spiritual riches in other Christian traditions.

(The Search for Christian Unity IIIA)

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