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University of Surrey, Guildford:

The late E.F. Schumacher, the author of Small is Beautiful, once recalled how, on a visit to what was then known as Leningrad, he consulted a street map but could not make out where he was. 'I could see several enormous churches, yet there was no trace of any of them on my map. When finally an interpreter came to help me, he said: 'We don't show churches on our maps.' Contradicting him, I pointed to one that was very clearly marked. 'This is a museum,' he said 'not what we call a 'living church'. It is only the living churches we don't show.' ...
21 November 2001

Royal Lancaster Gate Hotel, London W2:

I spoke recently to the priests of England and Wales about the particular need for the growth of small communities. It seems to me, and I do not think I exaggerate, that not only Catholics but all individuals need to belong to some form of small community. This we see most powerfully manifested through the family, but it is also true of what you have created. In the form of hospices, small communities have developed and emerged. I believe that small communities are the secret, not only for the future of the Church, but also for the general health of our society. Such communities, especially in times of illness and uncertainty, can be the source of new inspiration and of new hope, even when death is close at hand...
08 November 2001

House of Commons:

Dear Friends,

It is a great honour to be with you this evening as your guest at this relaunch of the Parliamentary Friends of CAFOD. I am particularly pleased to be here together with Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, the Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the UN in Geneva. During most of the last Parliament he was Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace in the Vatican. A major focus of his work there was the preparation and celebration of the Millennium Jubilee, and particularly that dimension of fostering reconciliation between rich and poor in our world that is so horrendously divided between North and South. ...
31 October 2001

Vatican City:

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor and Bishop Malcolm McMahon OP (Bishop of Nottingham) are the representatives from England and Wales at the aforementioned international meeting, which is on 'The bishop: servant of the gospel of Jesus Christ for the hope of the world'. ...

05 October 2001

In the Times:

President Bushs speech to Congress commits his country and its allies to an intensive and long-term campaign to root out terrorist groups of global reach. In the wake of the horrific events of last week, I can well understand the anger that people across the world feel at the tragic loss of so many innocent lives.

Certainly, we must work towards the elimination of terrorism, and those who have committed, aided and abetted this atrocity must be brought to justice. But the response must be on the basis of justice and law, rather than revenge. The instruments of international governance and law, and especially the United Nations, should be closely involved in agreeing the proper response to this atrocity, so that the entire international community will not be divided.
22 September 2001

Westminster School:

The debate we are having this evening, as everything else these last few days, is set in a radically changed world. The terrible events in America with the massive loss of innocent life has shaken the foundations of civilised societies. It is much too soon to tell what the long term consequences will be, but it seems clear that they will be global and far reaching. We pray for those leaders on whose shoulders the decisions rest. Our topic tonight, though not in the same register of urgency or immediacy, also has a long-term importance for our world. For the advent of human cloning opens up in this century a vista of possibilities human kind has never been able to contemplate before. And at the heart of this lies a question our society has to look at again: 'What is a human embryo?'...
20 September 2001

Trinity and All Saints College, Leeds:

Keynote Address at the National Conference of Priests 2001

I thought at first it might be difficult to find a focus for this address. It was rather like a holiday I spent with a priest friend of mine in Ireland. We were in a small town with two hotels in the square and there was a man leaning against the wall and I went up to him and asked which of the two hotels he could recommend for lunch. He looked me up and down before replying 'Well sir, it's like this, if you chose the one, you'd wish you'd chosen the other!' ...
05 September 2001

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Conner is castaway...
22 July 2001

Swanwick Centre, Derbyshire:

Just over a month ago I was present at what is called a 'Consistory', which is a meeting of Cardinals, called by Pope John Paul. It was a very interesting and enjoyable meeting, giving us all a chance to meet together, size each other up and give a short address if we wished. As some of you may remember, I did give just such a short address, during which I said that the ecumenical road was a long one and that it was easy for people to get discouraged. And I spoke of a pan-Christian meeting. It got a lot of publicity. I suppose I am always one to take a risk. There is that lovely passage in Luke 5 when the Lord says to Peter, 'Put out your nets - launch out into the deep'. And Peter, as you know, thought, 'It's not worth it, Lord, we've toiled all night ... but if you say so I will let down the net.' We as Christians must never cease, like Peter, to launch out into the deep, to let down the nets, when people experience the Kingdom of God preached and witnessed to by Jesus Christ. ...
14 July 2001

Alan Little interviews Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor about Tom Winning and his legacy.
18 June 2001

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