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The Diocese of Westminster has launched, under the title 'Graced by the Spirit' a diocesan wide consultation concerning its future pastoral plan. This forms a second stage in the Cardinal's planning for the future of the Diocese of Westminster. The Cardinal wished the first stage to be open to everyone in the diocese and have, as its priority, the spiritual and pastoral renewal of the faithful. As a result of a consultation in the Diocese conducted during 2002, 'At Your Word, Lord' has already been initiated. That programme is now entering the second of five seasons and will conclude in Autumn 2005.

17 February 2004

This weekend the Diocese of Westminster begins its second Season of the 3-year process of renewal: At Your Word, Lord.

The theme for this Season is 'Conversion'. We celebrate the call that God makes to constantly assess how we live our life. We are invited to grow in love of God by making conversion to the message of the Gospel a part of our everyday lives.

13 February 2004

Today is Education Sunday. It is a time for us to give thanks particularly to the teachers and staff of our schools who give such an enormous amount to our children and our young people. Where would the Catholic community in this diocese be without the heroic efforts of countless members of our community who for the past 150 years have committed themselves to fundraising, building, and maintaining our schools and providing the moral and personal support which the teachers in our schools deserve. I would like you to pray today very specially for all of those who contribute to making our schools places of faith, hope, and love as well as sound educational institutions.
06 February 2004

Also carried in a letter to The Times of 28 January 2004

Since its inception sixty years ago during the darkest days of World War Two, the Council of Christians and Jews has continued to confront the evil of antisemitism with a message of healing and mutual respect between our communities.

We believe the warm friendship between Britain's Christian and Jewish leaders - nourished by the work of CCJ at local level - has had an influence that extends beyond our two faiths. It has helped to set a tone for tolerance and respectful diversity across religious and ethnic boundaries in Britain.

27 January 2004

For some the story of the martyrs of sixteenth century England can still touch a sensitive nerve in ecumenical relations - four and a half centuries after they died. So I think it is appropriate to pay tribute to the generosity of spirit and imagination which lies behind todays service.
19 January 2004

' I am delighted that this weekend Westminster Cathedral will be hosting two significant events as part of this year's Christian Unity week, with Bishop Basil of Sergievo leading Russian Orthodox vespers on Saturday and Archbishop Gregorios of the Greek Orthodox church delivering the homily at 10.30 am Mass on Sunday.

16 January 2004

I send my warmest greetings to you and your family as we approach this wonderful season of Christmas.

' This year we celebrate this feast of peace at a time of continued insecurity at home and abroad. And yet it was into a world as violent and uncertain as our own that God sent His angels to announce His own unique gift the birth of His Son, our Saviour, in that simple stable in Bethlehem
22 December 2003

A team led by Archbishop Patrick Kelly, representing Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, today held a meeting with representatives of the new Iraqi Governing Council in Archbishop's House, London. The meeting was arranged at the request of the Iraqi delegation and was facilitated by the UK Foreign Office.

17 December 2003

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor's Pastoral Letter to the Diocese of Westminster which will be read at Masses on the Third Sunday of Advent.
12 December 2003

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor entered hospital yesterday for hip replacement surgery. The procedure is routine and was carried out this morning. Commenting, a spokesperson for the Cardinal said:

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor went into hospital on Wednesday for a hip replacement operation. The operation is on his left hip and took place on Thursday morning.

'The Cardinal will remain in hopsital until just before Christmas and will return to public engagements at the end of January.

11 December 2003

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