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We say six million now without catching our breath. But if it was happening now, to us, it is as if 100,000 murders had been committed every year since 1945. We say it could never happen again. But genocide, as the appalling case of Rwanda showed us, remains a feature of our modern world.
27 January 2005

In a joint statement published on Wednesday the Presidents of Churches Together in England (CTE) gave their joint backing to the Make Poverty History campaign. They want the European Union to take the lead in a crucial year of trade negotiations: it can be a beacon of hope for the poorest countries and challenge others to follow its example.
19 January 2005

Speaking at a special Mass at Westminster Cathedral on Sunday, 16 January for the victims of the Tsunami and the bereaved, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-OConnor praised the generosity of countless millions of people who had shown solidarity and comfort to those who know that their sorrow is shared by the rest of humankind
17 January 2005

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, and the Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-OConnor, prayed together today for the victims of the Asia earthquake disaster.

Dr Rowan Williams was making his first official visit to Westminster Cathedral to open the exhibition Anglicanism and the Western Christian Tradition.
14 January 2005

After nine years in Swiss Cottage, Father Ian Dickie will be moving at Easter to take up another appointment as Parish Priest. The Cardinal and the auxiliary Bishops of the Diocese would like to thank him for his devoted work at St Thomas More parish.

Father Dickie will be replaced by Father Gerard Sheehan, whom many of you know well already. Fr Sheehan has taken an active role in the life of the deanery and has been deanery secretary over these past few years.

Father Sheehan is a priest of the Personal Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei and has worked for ten years at Netherhall House, the student residence run by Opus Dei. Opus Dei itself has had a presence in the parish for over fifty years.
10 January 2005

Speaking tonight on the BBC 6 o'clock television news, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-OConnor said he regretted that a play in Birmingham which has offended Sikhs was forced to close through violence.
21 December 2004

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor speaks on Posh and Becks 'Nativity' scene, whether Britain is still a Christian society, need for political leaders to speak out of moral conviction, state of family, gay marriage, war on terror, relations with Muslims, detentions without trial, euthanasia, stem-cell research, and the need for a bioethics committee....
13 December 2004

Is Britain still a Christian country? Why is there disrespect for Christian symbols? Views on Rocco Buttiglione, right of self-defence, requiem Mass for Margaret Hassan.

Interviewed by Edward Stourton.. Full transcript follows.

(The interview was preceded by an interview with Rocco Buttiglione following a story about attempts in Italy to take 'Christ out of Christmas'.)

ES: Just going back to Tamsin Smith's little report about what was happening in Italy in terms of what many people see as an attempt to eradicate the Christian element in Christmas, do you see similar things happening here?...
11 December 2004

Family and friends mourn murdered aid worker at Westminster Cathedral

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster today paid tribute to Margaret Hassan at a solemn service at Westminster Cathedral attended by family and friends of the murdered aid worker.

The service, which was led by the Archbishop of Westminster, was held at 12.30 pm today and lasted one and a half hours.
11 December 2004

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor this morning blessed a 650,000 square-foot glass complex opposite Westminster Cathedral which will open in Autumn 2005. The complex is called Cardinal Place and reflects the cathedral in its glass.

The blessing preceded an ancient 'topping-out' ritual led by Lord McAlpine, whose company has built Cardinal Place, and by Sir Ian Henderson, the outgoing chairman of the developers, Land Securities.
07 December 2004

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