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30 December 2007: Feast of the Holy Family, Year A
posted on 13 December 2007
Catholic Diocese of Westminster
Diocese of Westminster

30 December 2007:  Feast of the Holy Family, Year A                                            


As a visual aid you could set up a tent made out of plastic sheeting or an old sheet thrown over a table or a couple of chairs. Maybe some pots and pans. Have some pictures of refugees from many of the war torn/disaster struck countries around the world.

Explain to the children that today we are going to think about people who have to leave their homes and countries.

* BE CAREFUL! Are there any refugee families in your parish? Are there children from these families in your group? *


Opening Prayer

Let us pray.
O God, bless all our families
so that we may love one another and follow the example of the Holy Family.
In the name of Christ our Lord we pray.


Gospel Acclamation










Sr, Sheila McNamara 2004



Gospel:  St Matthew: 2:13-15, 19-23


In todays Gospel an angel, a messenger from God, told Joseph that he needed to take his family to live in another country so they would be safe.

King Herod had been told that a king had been born and he was worried that this new king might want to rule the country. He didnt understand that Jesus had come to build a different sort of kingdom, Gods Kingdom of love. King Herod had ordered all the new boy babies to be killed so the new king would not grow up to rule his kingdom.

But, God wanted Jesus, his Son to be safe so He sent the angel to Joseph.


Reflecting on the readings with the children:

         Re-tell the story of todays gospel in your own words. 


    • How does Joseph listen to God?
    • How does Joseph take care of his family?
    • Why does Joseph take Mary and Jesus to Egypt?
    • Why does Joseph take Mary and Jesus to Nazareth?






We believe: 


Ask this series of questions and invite the children to reply, I do:


  • Do you believe that God wants us to have faith in him?
  • Do you believe that Jesus came to tell us what God is like?
  • Do you believe in the Holy Spirit who helps us to understand what God is like?
  • Do you believe in our holy, Catholic Church, where we come to learn about God?
  • And, do you believe that God is asking us to be like him now in this life and forever in heaven?


We pray:


Jesus has told us to ask God for what we need, so as Gods children, we

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