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Children's Liturgy: Fourth Sunday of Advent-Year A- 23 Dec 2007
posted on 13 December 2007
Catholic Diocese of Westminster
Diocese of Westminster


23rd December 2007:  4th Sunday Advent Year A


for the older children:

Gospel Acclamation


Stay Awake, Be Ready Verse four    


By the power of the Spirit

Mary will give birth to a son called Jesus

 By the power of the Spirit

Emmanuel is near!

Alleluia, alleluia, Emmanuel is near.






Gospel: Matthew 1:18-24


The Gospel today focuses on Josephs part in the story of the birth of Jesus.


Reflecting on the readings with the children:



                     The fourth Sunday of Advent is only two days before Christmas and after the children have broken up from school so excitement is very high.

                     Helpful to recall the Annunciation to Mary and compare it with this to Joseph.

                     Help them to see the story of the birth of Jesus through different peoples eyes. Show them that people in the Old Testament were waiting for His birth too.

                     Reflect on the names Jesus is given, especial Emmanuel and Saviour.




                     Ask the children why it is important to have God-with-us today?  Does the world need a Saviour?  Do we, each of us personally, need a Saviour?  How can our lives be different because of Jesus?  (Drawn from the Sunday weekly leader guide.)


We believe: 


Ask this series of questions and invite the children to reply, I do:


  • Do you believe that God sent us his Son to be with us?
  • Do you believe that Jesus came to be our Saviour?
  • Do you believe in the Holy Spirit who helps us to understand what God is like?
  • Do you believe in our holy, Catholic Church, where we come to celebrate that God is with us always?
  • And, do you believe that God is asking us to be like him now in this life and forever in heaven?


We pray:



Gathered together as the Church of God in this place, let us pray together for the coming of the kingdom.

Reader 1

Let us pray that we may be quiet enough to hear Gods voice, humble enough to move in Gods way, and excited enough to spread the good news.

Lord, in your mercy,       hear our prayer.


Reader 2

Let us pray that all those who lead us may do so with integrity and respect for others. 

Lord, in your mercy,       hear our prayer.


Reader 3

Let us pray that our homes may be places of love and joy. May all our friends and visitors find the true spirit of Christmas with us.

Lord, in your mercy,       hear our prayer.


Reader 4

Let us pray for all who are sick or are grieving for someone who has died. May they be given patience, courage and the comfort of knowing God is with them.

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