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New Archbishop of Southwark
posted on 06 November 2003
Catholic Diocese of Westminster
Diocese of Westminster
Commenting today (Thursday 6th November) on the retirement of Archbishop Bowen as Archbishop of Southwark, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-OConnor said:

Archbishop Michael Bowen enters a well earned retirement after many years of faithful and joyous service on behalf of the church. He has led by example and contributed enormously to the work of the Catholic Church, both nationally and in this southern corner of the country. For over thirty years he has served as a Bishop, first in Arundel and Brighton, my own former Diocese and for the past 26 years as Archbishop of Southwark.

In this time Archbishop Michael has provided inspiration for many. He has been a true teacher and guide to his flock, a man who has led with certainty and humility, and served well the people and priests of his Archdiocese.

Cardinal Murphy-OConnor welcomed the news from the Vatican that Bishop Kevin McDonald, Bishop of Northampton is to be the new Archbishop of Southwark, commenting:

I am delighted to hear from the Vatican that Bishop Kevin McDonald, Bishop of Northampton, is to succeed Archbishop Bowen as the new Archbishop of Southwark.

As one of the newest and youngest Bishops in the hierarchy, Bishop Kevin will bring his own energy and particular gifts to this challenging and rewarding position. I wish him well and look forward to working with him in the years ahead.'

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