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Date Postedposted on 11 January 2005
George Basil Hume
George Basil Hume

Born George Hume in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1923 to a Scottish father and French Catholic mother. He is remembered for his work with the homeless, his love of football and for uniting his church to a state of harmony not previously seen for 400 years.

John Heenan
Date Postedposted on 11 January 2005

Born 26th January 1905, of parents both born themselves in the Parish of Clareen in Ireland. In infancy he was taught by Ursuline nuns who termed him Jackie Lantern. At the age of 9 he was auditioned for Westminster Cathedral Choir School but Sir Richard Terry told his mother he had a metallic voice. He went to St. Ignatius College, Stamford Hill, London to be educated by the Jesuits and from there at 17 went on to Ushaw, which then had large numbers of ex-Servicemen. At the age of 19 he entered the Venerable English College where his acting and impersonation exploits became legendary. He was ordained in his own Ilford Parish Church and sent as Curate to St. Ethelburgas, Barking, Essex.

William Godfrey
Date Postedposted on 11 January 2005
Born Liverpool, 25 September 1889. He was educated at Ushaw and at the Venerable English College, where he was ordained in 1916 during the First World War. He gained his Doctorate the following year. He then taught at Ushaw for 12 years Classics, Philosophy and Theology.

Bernard Griffin
Date Postedposted on 11 January 2005
Born Birmingham, 21st February 1899. Educated Cotton College, Oscott, the Venerable English College and the Beda. He was ordained in 1924 and 3 years later became Secretary for 10 years to the Archbishops of Birmingham. He was Chancellor of the Diocese at 30 and a notable Administrator of its charitable homes.

Arthur Hinsley
Date Postedposted on 11 January 2005
Born 25th August 1865, at Carlton near Selby, Yorkshire. Son of a local carpenter and an Irish mother. His Parish Priest, who assisted at Carlton Towers, a nearby residence of the Norfolk Family, sponsored his education and at the age of 11 he set off for Ushaw. Whilst a student there he secured his B.A. degree from London University. He then came to the Venerable English College as a student to take further degrees and was ordained in 1893, aged 28. He then returned to Ushaw to teach there for 4 years, but in 1900 he founded a Laity-sponsored School, St. Bedes Grammar School, in Bradford and became its first Headmaster.

Francis Bourne
Date Postedposted on 11 January 2005

Born in Clapham in 1861 of an English (Civil Servant) father and an Irish mother. At the age of 8 he went to Ushaw and at 16 to St Edmunds College, Ware. He tried his vocation with the Dominicans at Woodchester, but in 1880 aged 19 he went to Hammersmith College and then at 20, on to St. Sulpice in Paris. After 2 years there he went to Louvain. He was ordained in Clapham in 1884 when he was 23.

Herbert Vaughan
Date Postedposted on 11 January 2005
Born Gloucester 1832 of an ancient family, the Vaughans of Courtfield. His mother was a convert. Five of her seven sons became priests and all six daughters became nuns. He was educated at Stonyhurst and the Jesuit College of Brugelette in Belgium. At the age of 19, he attended the Accademia in Rome where he met Manning. His health was not good so he was ordained early at 22 and Wiseman appointed him to St Edmunds College, Ware, as Vice-Rector.

Nicholas Wiseman
Date Postedposted on 11 January 2005
Born Seville, Spain, of Irish parents. Educated Waterford, Ushaw and the Venerable English College. At the age of 16 he entered the College. Ordained in 1825, he was made a Rector shortly afterwards. He became a noted scholar and gold medallist especially in Syriac and enriched the Library with rare books in his researches. At 38 he became Coadjutor Bishop of the Central District of London and President of Oscott College.

Henry Manning
Date Postedposted on 10 January 2005
Born in Totteridge on July 15, 1808. His father was a Member of Parliament. He went to Harrow at ten years of age and later became Captain of Cricket there. At Balliol he took a First in Greats. At 24 he was a Fellow of Merton College and an Anglican Divine. He married and then followed a 17 year curacy that led to his becoming Archdeacon of Chichester.

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