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Being a Peacemaker - Archbishop speaks about peace at Prayer Vigil
posted on 11 June 2012
Archbishop Vincent Nichols inside St Peter's
Archbishop Vincent Nichols inside St Peter's

A Vigil of Prayer took place at St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, on Friday 8 to Saturday 9 June 2012. Throughout the night there was music, drama, silent reflection and vocal prayer. The Vigil marked the beginning of the traditional sacred truce for 100 days of peace in London falling over the period surrounding the Olympic Games.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols joined other faith leaders and at the Concluding Service gave a homily about how we can be peacemakers.

During his Homily, Archbishop Nichols said if we are to practice and build peace in our own lives we have to look deeply at the roots of who we are, understanding our own devises and desires of our hearts.

Speaking of Jesus teaching the Beatitudes, Archbishop Nichols dwelt upon the word blessed describing its meaning as receiving the gift of the Kingdom the fulfilment of all our longings. Peacemaking, the Archbishop said, is rooted in the relationship between us and the Lord and this relationship is expressed in prayer.

The Archbishop concluded with a prayer that the Olympic Games will build peace and solidarity between nations.

To read the full Homily, please click on the link below.


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