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Diocesan Celebration of Priesthood
posted on 07 June 2012
Archbishop Vincent Nichols
Archbishop Vincent Nichols

At the Diocesan Celebration of Priesthood at St Marys College, Strawberry Hill on Wednesday 6 June Archbishop Vincent Nichols reminded clergy that their trust in Christ must be kept alive through constant renewal. He asked priests to make their witness to faith more explicit, more evident, if the motivation of our lives is to be understood.

Referring to some of the challenges that Priests experience, Archbishop Vincent said that perhaps the real challenge is to seek not so much the quality of relevance to the rapidly changing circumstances of every day, but rather to express the resonance of a profound and enduring love.

Archbishop Vincent said that rather than be in touch with the current anxieties and trends priests should be expressive of the well-springs of life which we ourselves have found in our relationship with the Lord.

The message of Archbishop Nichols homily was re-enforced by an address by the Archbishop of Chieto-Vasto, Italy, Bruno Forte on The New Evangelisation: A challenge and a promise.

During his address Archbishop Forte spoke of the four conditions that must be fulfilled to enable the transmission of faith. Reflecting on the encounter between Christ and the disciples on the road to Emmaus, Archbishop Forte spoke of the importance of the gift of time, care for interpersonal relationships, the ability to keep memory alive so as to keep ourselves rooted in truth, and a respect for the freedom of others.

To read Archbishop Nichols homily and Archbishop Fortes address please click on the links below:

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