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Archbishop of Westminster on BBC Radio 2's 'Pause for Thought'
posted on 07 December 2011
Archbishop Vincent Nichols
Archbishop Vincent Nichols

Speaking on the Pause for thought feature on BBC Radio 2, The Archbishop of Westminster said that, Companionship is the true music of our existence.

His comment followed a discussion with presenter Chris Evans about how Advent is a surprisingly calm time of year for the Archbishop, as a lot of his responsibilities and meetings wind down. The Archbishop spoke of how this allows him to go out and meet people in the Diocese and visit places such as Providence Row, one of the oldest homelessness charities in London.

After inviting Chris Evans to the Christmas carol service at Westminster Cathedral, the Archbishop reflected on his involvement with choirs and orchestras in his youth. He went on to share his belief in music itself being a great teacher, by bringing people together and encouraging them to listen, depend on and respond to one another. 

Companionship is much the same, the Archbishop suggested, as we respond to the needs of those around us through compassion. The sums raised by Children in Need recently are testimony, he said, to the fact there is no shortage of this spirit of compassion and generosity, despite the tough economic climate. 

The Archbishop urged us to continue in this spirit of goodwill by opening not only our wallets but our hearts too, and give charity a human face by looking to those closest to home at this time of year because, We cannot make good music all on our own.

You can listen again by clicking here, the Archbishop is interview 2hrs 48mins into the programme.

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