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Talk to clergy of the Diocese of Westminster
posted on 17 December 2010
Archbishop Vincent Nichols
Archbishop Vincent Nichols

In a series of deanery meetings held in the Diocese of Westminster between October and December 2010, Archbishop Vincent Nichols has been meeting clergy of and ministering in the Diocese of Westminster.

In particular he has been reflecting on the Visit of Pope Benedict putting forward the abiding principles and themes of his vision of the Church and of the shared task in serving the Church and highlighting  three particular points seem by him to be crucial at this time.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols commented:
'Since the Papal Visit, I have had the opportunity to speak to all the clergy of, and ministering in, the Diocese. I have done so in a series of meetings. They are now complete and I am glad to make available the text of the talk I have given to the priests and deacons. It expresses some of my key priorities in an understanding of the Church and of the ordained priesthood. It contains some of my reflections on the recent Visit of Pope Benedict. It also highlights some key points for the ministry of priests in the Diocese today.'

'I hope that a wider readership also finds this text informative and encouraging. The meetings with the priests were, in my view, positive and enjoyable.'

The full text of the talk given by Archbishop Nichols is now available at the bottom of this web page.

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