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Archbishop Vincent Nichols' homily at the Episcopal Ordination of Philip Egan at the Cathedral of St John the Evangelist in Portsmouth on 24 September 2012.

24 September 2012

As the Year of Faith approaches, Archbishop Nichols called on the congregation at the Preston Guild Mass on Saturday 1 September to be more confidently Catholic in all we do.

03 September 2012

At a prayer vigil for peace Friday 8 to Saturday 9 June 2012, Archbishop Vincent Nichols joined other faith leaders at St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, and gave a homily about how we can be peacemakers.

11 June 2012

At the Diocesan Celebration of Priesthood at St Marys College, Strawberry Hill on Wednesday 6 June Archbishop Vincent Nichols reminded clergy that their trust in Christ must be kept alive through constant renewal. He asked priests to make their witness to faith more explicit, more evident, if the motivation of our lives is to be understood.

07 June 2012

During Mass at Westminster Cathedral on the occasion of the Queens Diamond Jubilee, on Tuesday 5 June 2012, Archbishop Vincent Nichols spoke of the Queens steadfast commitment to serving others, rooted in faith in God as a loving father.

06 June 2012

Archbishop Vincent Nichols reflected on the journey of faith, during a Homily at the CCEE Congress in Rome on 7 May 2012.


14 May 2012

Homily given by Archbishop Vincent Nichols at Westminster Cathedral during the Easter Vigil, 2012.

11 April 2012

Homily given by Archbishop Vincent Nichols at Westminster Cathedral on Maundy Theursday, 2012.

11 April 2012

Archbishop of Westminster's Homily.

06 April 2012

The Archbishop of Westminster delivered a homily on Palm Sunday.

'This, then, is the challenge and invitation of this Holy Week: to accept that Jesus, the man of sorrows, is the truth of God; to accept his way of living, whatever it involves, to be the way of life; and to accept the help, the grace, he gives us.'

03 April 2012

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